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Get structured useable web data at scale through full managed web scraping service



Get structured web data through powerful web scraping data-as-a-service. Just define your requirements and we provide you the final data that is ready to be consumed in the desired format (csv, xml, json or html).


Get complete managed service for custom crawler development, web data extraction, ongoing support along with source code and scraped data that is quality checked.


Get customized APIs and integrate with your applications or make API calls to fetch structured data on demand.


E-Commerce Intelligence

  • Dynamic Price Monitoring
  • MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Monitoring
  • Unauthorized Flash Sales Monitoring
  • Retail & Distribution Channel Monitoring

Financial & Market Intelligence

  • Discover investment opportunities
  • Reduce Financial risk
  • Track, monitor companies for investment decisions

Travel Intelligence

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • OTAs

Social Intelligence & News Monitoring

  • Track & monitor brand reputation across social channels
  • Customized news feed for business decisions
  • Content Discovery and news media monitoring

Sales Intelligence

  • CRM data enhancement & refresh
  • Track customer news & industry trends
  • New lead generation from public web sources

Job Feeds

  • Data feeds from Job boards
  • Data feeds from Company career pages

Lead Generation

  • People Profiles Data
  • Company Profiles Data

Real Estate Intelligence

  • Track real estate prices & trends
  • Compare data locations, geography, countries

Market Research

  • Track, monitor or get historical data for generating insights

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Why Webnyze ?

  • Get actionabe data that is accurate and reliable to drive your business decisions.
  • Get structured useable web data at scale through full managed web scraping service.
  • No software required. Just submit your requirements and we provide the final data.
  • Focus on your business and let Webnyze take care of your data acquisition needs.


  • Is Data scraping legal?

    We as a crawling company respect robots.txt and crawl a website only if bots are allowed in robots.txt file.

  • Can you crawl sites that block IP Address?

    Yes, We have a components to crawl sites without getting blocked.

  • Is Source code provided ?

    Yes, we can provide source code.

  • How do you ensure quality of the data?

    We have a 2 layer QA process that check quality of crawling data.

  • How do you deliver data ?

    The data can be delivered in XML, JSON or CSV format.