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Choice to Opt-Out: Your Rights

How do I opt out online?

You can submit your request to opt out online by completing the webform below.

Your Rights to Opt-Out

As a user, you hold the right to instruct Webnyze to cease the sale of your personal data and to continue abstaining from such actions in the future.

Alternate Methods for Opting Out

Indeed, you have alternative ways to place your opt-out request. Reach out to us at with your first name, last name, and the link to your public profile for this purpose.

Usage of an Authorized Representative

Certainly, you can employ an authorized representative to place an opt-out request on your behalf. This requires you to grant them written consent. In such instances, forward us a copy of this consent to Please note, requests from representatives lacking proof of authorization to represent you may be denied.

Accessing Our Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for Webnyze can be reviewed Here.