Price Monitoring

Do you want to optimize your pricing policy? Or you want to analyze your competitors’ prices? Or maybe both? Well, we have all the answers for you.

We provide with price monitoring service, which helps in extracting pricing, inventory levels, availability, and many more from any major eCommerce website. For you, we’d even target the competitor’s website and other channels.

Not limiting it to that, we provide all the data to the dashboard. We are here to help you create a better product strategy.

Web Crawling

Web crawling can give one nightmare. And setting up the servers and various tools or software required for it looks like a real challenge too. Well, we are here to help you with that with our web scraping services. Just sit back and let us serve you with everything related to it. All you need to do would be to point on the kind of data you need and rest will be done.

We believe in accuracy and we crawl publicly available data at a very high speed.

Now, do you have some private data too? Then combine it with our results to give a boom to your enterprise.

Travel, Airline and Hotel

To keep up with your competition or to get ahead of them, you require data. The data that can heighten your customer service and optimize your pricing. It helps in monitoring your reputation, reviews and ratings. And between you and us, we know it plays a major role.

So we came up with a price effective solution for you. We’d gather the hotel reviews, pricing, room availability and airline ticketing prices for the same. Using our web scraping services, we assure, we won’t limit our source.

Training Data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The demand of AI is increasing over each passing day. But that pops a question in everyone’s mind.

From where shall we get the data for these AI models? Now these models need a huge amount of quality data to train models so that to get the best outcome.

To your rescue, we bring methods to scale and crawl the internet for the accurate data to help train your AI as well as ML models.

Brand Monitoring

While the brand of a company is an important perspective one should consider, yet many companies tend to miss out on it.

As a result, we have come up with a customized brand monitoring technique using web scraping. And it is not a secret that change is constant, and understand that. Hence, we configure according to your change and requirements. Get ahead of your competitors with data from some unique solutions.

Business Intelligence

There is no lack of data available online, but it seems useless because of it’s unstructured storage. But how to use it against competitors or to increase your monetary value in your industry has been an issue for many. To solve this issue, we present to you the advanced Machine Learning Process.

Taking a few steps forward, trace data about products, people, locations and even your competitor. All this in less cost and more advancement.

Alternative Data

Many financial industries have boomed over the years. With increasing value, many other companies have welcomed it with open arms. And we intend to gather data related to it under the name of Alternative Data.

This may include user metrics, what is in stock and what is flying off the shelves, housing data, sales data, to name a few types of Alternative Data. Use this data to gather albeit equivocal data and we’ll help you to make the best use of it.

Location Intelligence

Location plays a significant role in the development of any business. Our service of Location Intelligence provides precisely where the perfect spot for your business is to expand. Of the various ways of doing this, some can be like finding the nearest source of raw materials, potentially untapped market.

We never stop and continue to collect as much data as possible. And provide insights to you based on current and historical location data. This data would help you in the right decisions and enhance your location-based marketing.

Realtime API

In todays world, instant answer is all what we are looking for. And keeping that in consideration, we have APIs that can extract data from web pages to deliver instantaneous responses within seconds. Now, did you kwow that majority of the content on your website can be turned into an API. This further can enable your cloud applications to tap into the data stream using a simple API call.

Automate your business processes and power your internal applications(and workflows) with web data integration.

Now, all said and done, the main question arises of HOW? Well, we provide you with our ready-to-use and custom real-time APIs.

Sales Lead

Sales is essential for any business, but for achieving the best out of it one must target the right audience. The best for gathering the relevant leads from the internet for the same we provide you with Web Scraping. It not only saves you time but also helps you in saving up your resources.

Enrich your CRM and guide your sales team to reach out the right audience.

Job Monitoring

This custom web scrapping service of ours supplies you with all kinds of Jobs-related data such as latest job listings, companies that are hiring, skills in demand, and hiring locations from career pages of company websites and job boards to help you create organized job data feeds.

Social Media

There is no better way to measure your success than monitoring your social reach and effectiveness of your campaigns.

We build Custom solutions that suits best for your company and gather data from every social media account. The power that this data will provide would help your marketing team to monitor your posts, send relevant alerts, analyze social media trends and sentiment analysis to create the best social media strategy, paving the path for you stay ahead of competitors.

Real Estate and Housing

Let us help you in monitoring real estate listing, Agents, Brokers, Estate Agents, Houses, Apartments, Mortgages, Foreclosures, MLS, FSBO, Building Permits, Repair and Construction permits or Electrical, Plumbing, Recorded Deeds, County level data.

But why this information? To ensure that the city’s resources are deployed and utilized in the most favourable manner for you.