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Leverage our data license offerings to tap into global datasets of people and companies for advanced macro-scale research and modeling.

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Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention

Develop machine learning models and set up fraud detection flags without being hindered by latency issues

Market Intelligence for Investment

Develop investment strategies encompassing whole industries or sectors for comprehensive coverage

Advanced HR Tech Integration

Identify Churn Risks, Evaluate Company Health, and Gain Insights on Talent on an Aggregate Basis


How does it work?

Enjoy secure and easily accessible data delivery


Select your dataset

Select from our extensive range of datasets, including both Person and Company Datasets, available at both global and country-level scales. Our datasets are offered in a variety of formats, such as JSON, Parquet, and CSV, catering to your specific data needs.


Choose your data delivery method

Our datasets are seamlessly delivered to you through your Cloud Provider, the Amazon Data Exchange, or a dedicated FTP server.


Integrate your dataset

Our data is well-organized, structured, and exhaustive, ensuring effortless integration with your current data.


Choose your data delivery method

Rest assured, you won't have to be concerned about outdated data. Our datasets are consistently refreshed on a monthly or quarterly basis, using the delivery method of your choice.

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