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Frequently Asked Questions

At Webnyze, we specialize in delivering comprehensive public web data encompassing a vast array of professionals and companies globally. To explore how our data can align with your specific needs, we invite you to reach out for a personalized, no-obligation consultation. Discover more at

At Webnyze, we prioritize maintaining the utmost freshness of our data. On average, we diligently update over 500 million records each month. To give you a clearer picture of our data's timeliness, we are more than happy to provide you with a detailed file showcasing relevant statistics. Additionally, if you have specific requirements, we can conduct a targeted analysis to verify the freshness of a particular dataset according to your specified criteria. Experience our commitment to up-to-date information firsthand

Webnyze offers flexible and convenient options for data retrieval, ensuring you can access the information in a way that best suits your needs:

  • Direct Download: Easily download your data through a secure web link.
  • Cloud Server Upload: We can upload the data files directly to your cloud servers for easy access
  • API Access: Utilize our robust APIs to retrieve data on your own terms.

At Webnyze, we are committed to assembling the highest quality data available, accomplished through the integration of thousands of datasets sourced in full compliance with global standards. Our unique approach involves:

Data Union Collaboration:
We collaborate with a network of partners in our Data Union, a cooperative dedicated to fostering a compliant and ethical data ecosystem.

Customer Participation:
Customers participate by opting in to share their data, ensuring that all shared information adheres strictly to global data privacy regulations.

Diverse Industry Sources:
Our data is aggregated from a wide range of industries, including HR Tech, Real Estate Tech, Identity/Anti-Fraud, Martech, and more. This diversity allows for robust entity resolution and the creation of more accurate, actionable, and comprehensive profiles.

By leveraging this multifaceted sourcing strategy, Webnyze ensures that our data is not only compliant but also exceptionally reliable and useful for a variety of applications. Learn more about our data sourcing practices at

Unparalleled Coverage:
Webnyze stands as a leader in global B2B data, offering unmatched worldwide coverage. This expansive reach is fundamental to identifying novel opportunities for innovation and growth.

Unrivaled Completeness:
Our data exhibits higher fill rates in comparison to our competitors. We provide comprehensive records that include not just basic contact information but also extend to social data, business insights, and more.

Precision-Driven Use Cases:
While volume is significant, our emphasis is on precision. We meticulously validate our sources and employ in-house processes for entity resolution and attribute standardization. Quality assurance is integral to our workflow, ensuring the prevention of inaccurate merges and the enhancement of data accuracy.

Seamless Usability:
Our data is crafted to be developer-friendly and integrates smoothly into your existing workflows. We standardize field values and maintain a uniform schema for effortless merging and utilization. Our focus extends to delivering data in ways most convenient for our clients, including API access, flat files, and hosted ETL solutions.

Guaranteed Freshness:
Webnyze ensures consistent, transparent updates. Our APIs facilitate monthly updates, with each profile detailing the latest updates on job positions and locations.

Strict Compliance Adherence:
Our data sourcing is conducted through the Data Union, a cooperative of partners dedicated to a compliant data ecosystem. We adhere to the highest security and compliance standards, allowing you to leverage our data with confidence.

At Webnyze, we don't just supply data; we provide a reliable, comprehensive, and compliant data solution tailored to your business needs. Discover more about our data quality at

Absolutely. We understand the importance of evaluating data quality before making a decision. To access a sample of our data, you have two convenient options:

Direct Contact with Sales Team: Reach out to our knowledgeable sales representatives who are ready to assist you in selecting the most relevant data sample for your needs.

Online Request Form: Alternatively, you can easily request a data sample by filling out the form available on our Quote page.